Increase Company Productivity through Mobile Applications Technology is revamping global businesses. Organizations around the globe are embracing the efficiency of mobile technologies. Mobile apps are gaining obvious importance to increase productivity of workers. While developing mobile apps, enterprises explore methods to improve the engagement of its users. They focus on the security, performance, usability, functionality, […]

Today mobile application development is one the most thriving areas of business. Only a few growth sectors have experienced the same level of momentum as mobile application market, and this trend is certainly staying for the foreseeable future. While developing mobile apps as a solution for some business issues and driving success through the application […]

Business Intelligence is changing the futures, in organizations! Through simple or fast data, Business Intelligence is bringing change in the working of organizations, here’s how: Business Intelligence is generally the concept of delivering and integrating relevant business information within an organization. Businesses and companies use Business Intelligence for detecting significant events and identifying business trends […]

Having a business intelligence application is important, but what matters the most is the way you use the application. Business intelligence provides an organization the insight important operational and sales data and it helps identify business trends and opportunities that can lead to better future. From a simple term that describes interrelationships of business information […]

The continuing recognition of Saskatchewan NEYA Awards brings another successful entrepreneurs name to the list! Usman Tariq, Intact Solutions owner along with his team of experts has an arena of humongous success rate in providing innovative solutions and increasing productivity of businesses through their technology applications! Usman has been announced as the finalist for Saskatchwan […]