Decision Making

At Intact Solutions, we create customized technology to help you make Business Driven Decisions (BDD). We’ll work with you to tackle business development issues like time tracking, workflow solutions, productivity improvements and resource planning.

If you are currently using an Electronic Resource Planning (ERP) tool, let us show you how our customized systems can streamline your processes without the difficult learning curve for your team.

Make Money and Improve Workflow

We can save your team time and make your workflow much more efficient. Instead of losing money on systems that are “the way they are”, you can create an automation system that works for your team and allows you to concentrate on the activities that make you money.

Stay Informed

For effective business management, you need to be making strategic business decisions based on up-to-date information. Our technology includes customized real-time tracking reports that you can view on a phone app from the airport, during a meeting with a client, or in the comfort of your office. Learn more about our Mobile Apps.

Let’s work together to gather business intelligence, streamline your processes and make money.GET A QUOTE