Why A Good Business Intelligence Strategy is Important?

Having a business intelligence application is important, but what matters the most is the way you use the application. Business intelligence provides an organization the insight important operational and sales data and it helps identify business trends and opportunities that can lead to better future.

From a simple term that describes interrelationships of business information and data, business intelligence has evolved into so much more than just that. While businesses, whether big or small, are all involved in using business intelligence system for better decisions and plans – intact solutions believe that it can only be effective when a business intelligence strategy is put into place.

Why Do You Need a Business Intelligence Strategy?

Business intelligence strategy is essential for measuring business performance, for identifying competitive advantages, and for tuning into the customers with the help of statistics. Business intelligence strategy ultimately provides a goal and a direction. Business Intelligence (BI) itself can provide the best insight into the business but cannot direct you to a destination. Business intelligence strategy will help you make clear business decisions with facts that understand company vision and goals.

How Do You Create an Effective BI Strategy?

Creating a business intelligence strategy involves identification of your current position and the final destination for future and the plan involve in getting to that point. This plan requires you to address the following:

  • Understand and determine the factors that BI strategy will cover. What is the scope of your BI strategy?
  • Identify and manage all the stakeholders.
  • Cleary determine the structure of your BI strategy. The type of deployment you will use: cloud, self-service, or mobile based? Whether you like a hosted solution or an on-premise? What user permissions are needed?
  • The entire team will need a good training on BI solutions, whether you have had it for a while or are new. The strategy will fail to show its effectiveness if the team does not understand the process of deploying it, managing it, or using it.
  • Implement the business intelligence strategy. Start the implementation by designing a breakdown structure for each and every step, include budgeting and scheduling.


Creating a good business intelligence strategy helps influence the business intelligence project. Through a strategic planning, the focus of team is maintained and project stays true to the aim. If business intelligence efforts of your business need focus, create a Business Intelligence strategy today or get in touch with intact solutions team. You will find the best business intelligence tools with consultancy for better future.

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