Saskatchewan 2017 Newcomers Entrepreneur Award for U39

The continuing recognition of Saskatchewan NEYA Awards brings another successful entrepreneurs name to the list!

Usman Tariq, Intact Solutions owner along with his team of experts has an arena of humongous success rate in providing innovative solutions and increasing productivity of businesses through their technology applications!

Usman has been announced as the finalist for Saskatchwan 2017 Newcomers Entrepreneur Award for U39 – A category of Saskatechewan entrepreneurs between the ages of 18-39!

Saskatchwan NEYA Awards are in their 2nd year of recognizing and celebrating the contribution and success of 1st generation immigrants to the economy in Saskatchewan. As hosted and stated by SREDA and Square One:

Newcomer entrepreneurs play an important role in growing our economy by filling gaps in our business landscape, hiring employees and adding culture and diversity to our communities.”

What Credibility Factors NEYA Award Measures?

NEYA Award U39 Category recognizes 1st generation immigrant entrepreneurs that are able to demonstrate business success and growth in areas of: Employment growth, Sales growth, and involvement in community.

Here’s how Usman Tariq states his excitement:

This is the realization of a huge life dream. I am truly and honestly thrilled to be here announced as the finalist by this award. NEYA Awards will offer a massive support in establishing us further and growing our impact. Saskatchewan offered me and Intact Solutions team the pillars to build our business on, and then the untiring efforts of us all made possible the success and recognition of NEYA. I certainly feel blessed to be able to deliver great business management and productivity through our innovative technology solutions and be a part of this community in the best possible way

For Usman and Intact Solutions team, awards have been a part of their success and growth since their launch. Yet their passion still continues in embodying their mission and bringing better businesses to Saskatchewan. And Saskatchewan does it best with giving back support and recognition for Usman and team in the form of this “Finalist for 2017 Saskatchewan NEYA Award for U39”

Be a part of this celebration with Intact Solutions team and Usman! For so much more about Usman and his team and work, go to

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